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Stijn as team member


Kristof De Smet.jpeg

“I had the pleasure of working with Stijn for 3 years. Stijn is a top professional, a team player, and someone you can count on at all times. Stijn has the gift of converting an idea into a concrete project and action plan, and transferring that to the team. A great asset to any team!"

Kristof De Smet, CEO Energy Lab

“I had the pleasure to work with Stijn at The House of Marketing where I got to know him not only as a great digital marketer combining strategic thinking and operational excellence, but also a committed team player. He is able to connect easily with different types of people and is an amazing communicator. Stijn is definitely a tremendous addition to any company's team!”

Sophie Van Orden, Consulting Director @ The House of Marketing

Sophie Van Orden.jpeg
Alessandro Tegner.jpeg

“Stijn is a dynamic and analytical person, who in his time with the team showed great professionalism and solid organizational skills while being at all times a point of reference for the marketing department. Having a huge desire to always bring his contribution to the team’s success and being an extrovert person that can easily work in a group but also lead it are attributes that speak volumes of Stijn’s character."

Alessandro Tegner, Communications Officer Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team

“It was a real pleasure to have Stijn in the team. Stijn is a great professional with strong analytical skills and an eagle eye for details. I admire Stijn for his dedication and commitment. It is hard to believe that someone as young as Stijn can quickly give a good impression. I have seen a lot of talented potentials in my life and Stijn is, without a doubt, someone who will be shining in a lot of professional circumstances, even in tough times - you will be happy to have him on your side. His ability to stay calm and friendly, to keep delivering quality and to stand out as a real specialist were impressive. I hope our roads will cross again."

Gilles Renard, Deputy Global Head Marketing & Comm @ BNP Paribas Cash Man & Trade Finance 

Gilles Renard.jpeg


“We consulted Stijn to help us to launch our digital marketing ambitions at Mbrella. After listening carefully to our needs, Stijn came up with a hands-on plan to start our digital marketing activities. He set up our full digital marketing stack, provided us with relevant and easy-to-create content ideas, and gave us a practical action plan. As a Start-Up, it was exactly that hands-on mentality that we needed. On top of that, Stijn was always eager to help us with any question we had.”

Audrey Stampaert, Co-Founder @ mbrella

Audrey Stampaert mbrella.jpeg
Paul Van Den Bosch Coach.jpeg

“The cooperation with Stijn went perfectly from the first moment. I received a clear and structured marketing plan, and everything was worked out and delivered down to the last detail. For further questions, the necessary and 'to the point' feedback was always given."

Paul Van Den Bosch, Executive Coach - Topsportcoach - Keynote speaker - Auteur

“Thanks to Stijn's help, I have gained solid foundations to set up a marketing/sales funnel for our Start-Up. Stijn has a lot of knowledge, explains clearly and can empathize with the customer. I recommend working with Stijn to everyone!”

Marie Vandoorne, Consultant and Marketing Lead @ Four Dimensions

Marie Vandoorne.jpeg


Joeri Pansaerts.jpg

“Stijn is a talented and inspiring speaker who can take his audience along with him in his story. He has an authentic and pleasant way of speaking, through which he simplifies complex matters in a very understandable way. As a result, he can continue to captivate his audience. For anyone who can use inspiration and clear insights, listening to Stijn is highly recommended."

Joeri Pansaerts, Co-Founder Hello Customer

“Stijn doesn't only have a deep understanding of marketing principles, he also knows how to apply them in an integrated manner to the digital world to get actual results. Knowledge and craftsmanship on tools, tactics, and technology are offered in a structured and simple way. Very informative, even for experienced managers. Your sales & marketing people will be thrilled!”

Ermelinda Hajdari, Consultant and Founder @ AngLe Agency

Ermelinda Hajdari.jpeg
Stijn as consultant
Stijn as speaker
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